Monday, April 25, 2005

Wisconsin Freezerburn

Welcome to Strange But True, a blog devoted to all things odd, anomalous, enigmatic, unexplained, uncanny, and whenever possible, comical. For our first post, I'd like to honor a fellow straight from today's headlines. Hearty Wisconsonite Philip Schuth was hauled in after police found his deceased mother encased in a block of ice in a freezer in his basement. I'm sorry to say it, but he looks exactly like the sort of guy - I mean, troubled loner - who'd keep his mother frozen in a block of ice. Doesn't he?

Post-refrigeration, Philip proceeded to cash his mom's Social Security checks for almost 5 years. And he undoubtedly would've continued to do so, if he hadn't slipped up and hit the neighbors' kid, and hadn't then pulled a gun on said neighbors when they came over to chat about it, and hadn't then holed up inside the house with his extensive firearm collection when the police came. Best quote from the subsequent armed standoff: Philip's claim that he had "more than 10 but less than 100" bombs stockpiled in the house.

Oh, and there's also some likelihood he actually killed his mom (shocking, I know), since he has a singularly strange excuse for not reporting her death in the first place - that there were bloodstains on the walls from a "cat attack" on his mom many years ago, and because of all the blood he thought the police might consider him a suspect in her death. I can't imagine why they'd go thinking that. People who hole up in houses full of firearms are so rarely violent.

If that's not odd I don't know what is. See you next post.


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